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MiningRigRental & NiceHash compatible.

07-07-2024 Updated Litecoinz node.

03-20-2024 Updated Gemlink node.

12-12-2023 Updated Gemlink node.

04-14-2023 Updated Ycash node.

03-15-2023 Updated Flux and Zen nodes.

08-15-2022 Updated Monero node.

08-05-2022 Updated Bitcoinz node.

6-10-2022 Updated Zero node.

3-06-2022 Updated Flux node.

2-17-2022Added Gemlink pools.

2-1-2022 Added Solo pools Click here to mine Solo.

1-27-2022Server maintenance completed.

1-18-2022Updated Flux node.

1-10-2022 Updated Ycash node.

8-5-2021 Updated Tent node.

7-13-2021 Updated Bzedge node.

6-27-2021 Updated Bitcoinz & 0cash nodes.

6-26-2021 Added Monero mining pools Click here to mine XMR.

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